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Uni Choice Sos Campuran Minyak Bijian (Vegetarian 素) 拌酱王芝麻味 360ml

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  • 360ml
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Ingredients: Water, Light Soya Sauces, Sugar, Sesame Oil and Palm oil, Contains Disodium 5' - Guanylate (E627) And Disodium 5' - Inosinate (E361) As permitted flavour enhancers. Contains permitted caramel and preservatives.
Suitable For: 
  • Dipping sauce.
  • Braised dishes
  • Cooking any dishes
Storage & Expiry: 
  • Store in a cool place such as your pantry or a kitchen cabinet.
  • Expiry: contact us
  • 拌酱王 Sos Campuran (360ml) 自煮干捞面,什么面都可以拌。 很多顾客试了后都说很好吃,味道不输餐馆卖的干捞面,还有满满的葱油香,大人小孩都爱吃。 步骤: 1.把面煮熟(可添加蔬菜,鱼丸,鸡蛋,肉类......) 2.加入适量的拌酱王 3.搅拌均匀,即可食用 无需加入油和任何调味料,简单烹煮,快速方便。 拌酱王还可用来焖,炒,蒸,煮,捞任何食材,让你顿时变成大厨哦!不需任何厨艺,也可煮出美味佳肴。拌酱王非常适合学生,上班族和家庭主妇,尤其是没有烹饪基础的人哦!

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