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Star Tapioca Starch (Tepung Ubi Kayu) 星牌木薯粉 500g

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木薯粉同樣可以用作炸物之用,但其澱粉黏性較差,口感偏硬偏脆身。 其次,木薯粉又稱泰國生粉,所以用途與我們常用的粟粉差不多,可以在烹調中加水作芡,也可以放到肉中令口感更好。適合制作芋圆,珍珠奶茶的珍珠 , 九层糕 类 , 番薯球等。

Tapioca can be used for frying, but its starch viscosity is poor, taste is hard and brittle body. Second, tapioca is also called Thai cornstarch, so it is similar to the cornstarch we usually use. You can add water to thicken the cornstarch in cooking, or you can put it into meat to make it taste better. Suitable for making taro balls, pearl milk tea pearls, nine-layer cakes, sweet potato balls, etc.

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