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Raw White Sesame Seed 白芝麻 200g

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White sesame seeds have a nutty, slightly sweet flavour and aroma that is enhanced by toasting. They can be added to salads, bread, desserts, or stir-fries.

白芝麻食疗作用 芝麻味甘、性 平,入肝、肾、肺、脾经。 有补血明目、祛风润肠、生津通乳、益肝养发、强身体,抗衰老之功效。 可用于治疗身体虚弱、头晕耳鸣、高血压、高血脂、咳嗽、身体虚弱、头发早、贫血萎黄、津液不足、大便燥结、乳少、尿血等症。

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