Pu Tien Mee Sua 莆田面线 (Thin / 幼) ±350g Pu Tien Mee Sua 莆田面线 (Thin / 幼) ±350g
Pu Tien Mee Sua 莆田面线 (Thin / 幼) ±350g
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Pu Tien Mee Sua 莆田面线 (Thin / 幼) ±350g

Mee sua are very thin, thread-like wheat noodles, often referred to as "rice vermicelli" or "rice wheat noodles." These noodles are delicate and slightly translucent when cooked.
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Pu Tien Mee Sua is known for its comforting and aromatic broth, as well as the delicate texture of the noodles. It's a versatile dish that can be customized to suit various dietary preferences and flavor profiles, making it a popular choice for many noodle lovers.

Weight: ±350g

Country of Origin: China

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight.