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Premium Blue Date AAAXL 500g Premium Blue Date AAAXL 500g
Premium Blue Date AAAXL 500g
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Premium Blue Date AAAXL 特大蓝枣 / 南枣 500g

Chinese herbs are not only prescribed to restore the energy balance of opposite energies, but also can be used with various ingredients to cook various dishes and desserts. More information below product description.
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They taste slightly charred, bur fragrant, and are a more deep sweet versus the dried red dates. Blue and black dates can be used together with the red dates in teas and soups, or you can use blue dates as they are.

Brew Method:

  1. Remove seeds from the dates. (20 pcs red dates, 3 pcs black dates "optional for seeds removed", 3 pcs blue dates " optional for seeds removed", 1 tbs goji berry)
  2. Bring all ingredients and 1 litre water to boil in a pot, then switch to low fire to simmer for 30 minutes.
  3. Tea is ready to enjoy by straining the ingredients.
  4. It can also be drink with the boiled dates.
Weight: 500g

Country of Origin: China

Product Storage & Expiry: Keep refrigerated.