Ming Xiang Black Pepper Powder 50g Ming Xiang Black Pepper Powder 50g
Ming Xiang Black Pepper Powder 50g
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Ming Xiang Black Pepper Powder 茗香黑胡椒粉 50g

Black pepper powder is a fine, brownish-black colored powder with characteristic aroma of pepper, that comes from ground black peppercorns. It has an active ingredient, piperine which is the source of its characteristic heat. It is used as a spice and seasoning for cuisines all over the world.
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Use black pepper powder as an ingredient in recipes to add flavor and spice to meats, fish, vegetables, salad dressings, soups, stir-fries, pasta, and more. You can also add a dash of black pepper to scrambled eggs, avocado toast, fruit, and dipping sauces for a spicy kick.

Weight per pack: 50g

Ingredients: sarawak black pepper

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight.