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Immune Booster (Vegetarian): Fungus Soup 益菌汤料 110g

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  • Ingredient: Maple oyster mushroom, Cordyceps, Agrocybe, Chanterelle, Velvet fungus, Agaricus blazei Murr, Penny Bun, Phallus indusiatus, Morel, Wolfberry (Goji berry), Big red dates, and soup powder.

  • Storage Instruction: Keep in clean, cool, dry, ventilation, odourless place.

  • Please Take Note: Wild fungus contains a small amount of worm and wormhole, worry not as this is normal. Not suitable for consumption to those who are allergic to fungus.

  • 成份 : 鲍鱼菇 , 虫草花,茶树菇,鸡油菌,鹿茸菌,姬松茸(巴西蘑菇),牛肝菌,竹荪,羊肚菌 ,枸杞,大红枣及汤料粉。

  • 做法 : 用菌汤褒加温水泡发20分钟左右,将菌汤包,鸡,乌鸡 ,鸭 或排骨 等洗净放入锅中小火一起煮30分钟 ,也可适用于火锅 。 一份食用量于4-5人份。

  • 储存方法 : 存放于清洁,荫凉,干燥通风无异味处 。
  • 温馨提示: 野生菌类含有少量虫,虫眼,属于正常现象。婴儿,儿童,大人如果有对菌类敏感者不宜食用 。 

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