HK Peng Sheng Olive Vegetable 180g HK Peng Sheng Olive Vegetable 180g
HK Peng Sheng Olive Vegetable 180g
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HK Peng Sheng Olive Vegetable 香港蓬盛橄榄菜 180g

Hong Kong olive vegetables are a type of preserved vegetable created before the advent of modern refrigeration. It is an immensely popular dish in Southern China that is prepared by slowly cooking Chinese mustard greens with black olives and seasonings until fragrant and flavorful.
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Olive vegetables are often used as a condiment or flavoring ingredient. They can be found in many traditional Cantonese and Hong Kong dishes, including clay pot rice, braised dishes, and stir-fries. Their salty and pungent flavor pairs well with meats, particularly pork.

Weight: 180g

Ingredients: mustard leaves, vegetable oil, olive, soy sauce, sesame, salt, and food additives (monodium glutamate, disodium 5'-flavored nucleotide, potassium sorbate)

Country of Origin: China

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opened and consume as soon as possible.