GZH Chili White Bean Curd 开平特产广中皇微辣腐乳 328g GZH Chili White Bean Curd 开平特产广中皇微辣腐乳 328g
GZH Chili White Bean Curd 开平特产广中皇微辣腐乳 328g
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GZH Chili White Bean Curd 开平特产广中皇微辣腐乳 328g

Guang Zhong Huang Chili White Bean Curd, also known as "fermented tofu" or "tofu cheese," is a traditional Chinese condiment made from tofu that has been fermented with chili, salt, and sometimes other flavorings. It's known for its distinctive flavor, which is salty, spicy, and has a unique umami quality.
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Weight: 328g

Ingredients: water, soybeans, edible alcohol, edible salt, and salted chilli pepper

Country of Origin: China

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight. Keep in refrigerate after opened.


White spots appearing in fermented bean curd products Not Mould. They are formed due to protein decomposition phenomenon. In fermented soybean products, the protein in soybeans will continue to form different kinds of small amino acids resulting in white spots forming on the bean curds, this is a natural fermentation process. Please note that mouldy fermented products will appear in greyish or green furry forms.