Golden Luo Han Guo 黄金罗汉果 1pcs Golden Luo Han Guo 黄金罗汉果 1pcs
Golden Luo Han Gu 1pcs Golden Luo Han Gu 1pcs
Golden Luo Han Guo 黄金罗汉果 1pcs
Golden Luo Han Gu 1pcs
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Golden Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) 黄金罗汉果 1pc

Chinese herbs are not only prescribed to restore the energy balance of opposite energies, but also can be used with various ingredients to cook various dishes and desserts. More information below product description.
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The flavor of Golden Monk Fruit is similar to that of raw cane sugar with sweet maple undertones. Golden Monk Fruit is high in unique antioxidants making it a great way to sweeten baked goods, drinks, and more without unwanted calories or spiking your blood sugar. Golden monk fruit has more of a sweet maple flavor and smell. Their sweeteners can add sweetness to a child's foods and beverages without contributing to calories consumed or added sugars intake. 

Brewing Method:

  1. Break the fruit, open and put a quarter of it in a teapot. Fill it with hot water of about 80°C (don’t use boiling water, because very hot water will make the liquid too sweet, killing all nuances of flavour)
  2. The first brew takes a minute or so. As you pour out the water, its amber hue and sweet scent are wonderful.
  3. After that, adjust the brewing time according to your own preference. The fruit in the teapot can be discarded and replaced when its flavour is totally drawn out. 

Country of Origin: China

Product Storage & Expiry: Keep refrigerated.

Precaution: If you are pregnant or undertaking medications please consult with your physician before consuming.