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Ginseng (Di Shen) 地参

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  • Di Seng’s appearance is similar to that of an cordycep, hence the nickname 蟲草参(Chóng cǎo cān) 蟲草 meaning cordycep, 参 meaning ginseng.
  • Dried Di Seng is like the oval rings at the end of one’s fingers, in the middle it gradually widens with irregular edges.
  • The best Di Seng is grown on a mountain with altitude of 4800, wild grown and pollution free.

What are the health benefits?

  • Rich in protein, low fat and low in sugar.
  • Prevent cancer, anti-aging, lower cholesterol, and it can help eliminate fatigue.
  • In TCM, it is believed to strengthen the immune system, strengthen the body, clear the liver and nourish the eyes.


  • 地参形狀酷似蟲草,故得名“蟲草参”。
  • 乾的地参像手指粗两端漸尖橢圓,中間漸寬變扁邊缘具不整齊的粗銳鋸齒,表面暗綠色,無毛,略有光澤,下面具凹陷的腺點。
  • 最好的地參生長在海拔4800米的高山上,天然野生,無公害,綠色。


  • 地參性味甘溫,補而不燥,且含有豐富蛋白質且低脂肪、低糖份。
  • 預防癌症,抗衰老,有效降低膽固醇,更能提神消除疲勞之效。
  • 還有增強身體免疫力,可補氣強身、清肝明目、滋陰降火。


  • 止夜尿:地參淮山杞子煲雞湯(2次)
  • 功效:能溫和補肺益脾,清肝明目
  • 材料: 地參1兩、淮山2片、杞子少許、圓肉少許、白蓮子10粒、雞1只、瘦肉或豬展少份
  • 醫腰痛:地參牛大力雞骨草豬尾湯
  • 功效:減輕腰膝關節腫痛、滋陰補腎
  • 材料:地參1兩、牛大力3兩、雞骨草2兩、豬尾1份
  • 治失眠:地參伏神芡實豬展湯
  • 功效:寧神安睡,對於失眠、夜尿頻多此湯常飲有效
  • 材料:地參1兩、伏神2兩、芡實2兩、白蓮子10粒、白果少許、豬展1

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