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Dried China Persimmon 中国恭城柿饼

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Description: Known as "Shi Bing" 柿饼, traditionally preserved in the winter. They are commonly used to make wine, put in traditional tea, desserts, and soup.

  • The White Substance: No, they are not mould. The white substance are crystalized sugar known as Frost, formed during the drying process. The dried persimmons will continue to "FROST" depending on the ambience' temperature. The lower the temperature, there will be more frost.

  • Origin: China

  • 柿子饼又称柿饼,是亚洲著名的传统小吃。营养价值很高,所含维生素和糖分比一般水果高1~2倍左右。
  • 柿饼风干后表面呈现白色物质为柿霜,主要成分果糖,由于柿饼为干果类果脯,天然晒制而成,水分的蒸发,溶于水中的果糖在此过程中析出,形成柿霜。
  • 用火晶柿子拌上面粉烙成的柿子面饼,金黄软绵、甜而不腻、芳香扑鼻

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