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Dried China Fig AA 中国无花果 400g

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The health benefits of figs come from the presence of minerals, vitamins, and fiber contained in the fruits. They contain a wealth of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium, and chlorine.

1、无花果含有苹果酸、柠檬酸、脂肪酶、蛋白酶、水解酶等,能帮助人体对食物的消化,促进食欲,又因其含有多种脂类,故具有润肠通便的效果; 2、无花果所含的脂肪酶、水解酶等有降低血脂和分解血脂的功能,可减少脂肪在血管内的沉积,进而起到降血压、预防冠心病的作用; 3、无花果有抗炎消肿之功,可利咽消肿; 4、未成熟果实的乳浆中含有补骨脂素、佛柑内酯等活性成分,其成熟果实的果汁中可提取一种芳香物质苯甲醛,二者都具有防癌抗癌、增强机体抗病能力的作用,可以预防多种癌症的发生,延缓移植性腺癌、淋巴肉瘤的发展,促使其退化,并对正常细胞不会产生毒害。

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