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Dried Chestnut (2L) 栗子干 200g

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Dried chestnuts can be used in savoury dishes and also mostly used in Chinese cooking. It makes a good addition to braised dishes featuring rich meats such as duck, as its mealy texture balances the fat.

板栗又叫栗子,是一种补养治病的保健品。 中医学认为,栗子性味甘温,有养胃健脾、补肾壮腰、强筋活血、止血消肿等功效。 栗子含有丰富的营养成分,包括糖类、蛋白质、脂肪、多种维生素和无机盐。 栗子对高血压、冠心病、动脉粥样硬化等具有较好的防治作用。

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