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Cumin (Jintan Putih) 小茴香

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Cumin is a spice that comes from a small herbaceous plant that belongs to the same family as parsley and fennel. The aromatic seeds of this plant are what most of us recognise as cumin, either as whole seeds or ground, and it's a staple ingredient in Mexican, Indian and North African cooking. The more well-known cumin seeds are brown, however, you can also buy black cumin seeds boasting a much higher concentration of oil – and it's this oil which contains the beneficial chemical compounds.

别名:香丝菜、茴香菜、小茴香 禁忌人群:1、茴香性温,阴虚火旺人群最好少食,否则会引起上火。2、有过敏体质的人不适合吃小茴香。3、多食茴香会有损伤视力的副作用产生,不宜短期大量使用。 适宜人群:功在温肾散寒,和胃理气。适寒疝,少腹冷痛,肾虚腰痛,胃痛,呕吐,干、湿脚气者服用。

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