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Chinese Hawthorn 山楂片

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  • 山楂屬薔薇科落葉小喬木,是中國特有果品。
  • 山楂核質硬,果肉薄,味微酸澀。果肉可生吃或製成果脯糕點,製乾後可入藥。
  • 山楂的營養價值?

    • 具有降血脂、血壓、强心、抗心律不齊等作用,同時也是健脾開胃、消食化滯、活血化痰的良藥,對胸膈脾满、疝氣、血淤、閉經等症有很好的療效。
    • 山楂酸對於高血壓亦有治療及預防之效,所以高血壓者飲山楂汁及用山楂作為食療品均有降壓作用。
    • 溫馨提示:脾胃虛弱者慎服。

    • Hawthorn grows on a small sized of shrubs and trees in the family Rosaceae. Hawthorn has a mealy texture and tastes slightly bitter and sour. The skin is edible but it is even more bitter.Hawthorn products can be found dried, in processed products, and preserved in a sweet syrup.What are the benefits?
      • It helps relieve indigestion problems and treat high blood pressure, treating cardiac weakness such as chronic heart failure, reducing blood lipids, improving blood circulation, infant diarrhea, abdominal pain, post blood stasis and more.
      • Additional Information :Medications for high blood pressure (Beta-blockers) interacts with hawthorn, consult your healthcare professional.

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