[Not To Eat 不能食用] Chaku Traditional Teaseed 200g [Not To Eat 不能食用] Chaku Traditional Teaseed 200g
[Not To Eat 不能食用] Chaku Traditional Teaseed 200g
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Chaku Traditional Teaseed 传统茶枯饼 (For external use only / 只供外敷, 不能服用) 200g

Traditional tea seed cake for shampooing. Tea meal contains tea saponin, protein, amino acid, natural tea oil, etc. And visible black hair effect.
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Long-term use has the effects of anti-dandruff, anti-itch, oil removal, sterilization, and repair of damaged hair, as well as visible black hair effect. One of nature's best two-in-one cleaning and care materials.

Use Method:

  1. Pour hot water into a basin, wrap about 100 grams of ‘Chaku' Teaseed in a slag-separated cloth bag, soak in hot water about 10 minutes
  2. After the hot water slightly cools down, rub the cloth bag repeatedly with your hands. In this way, the ‘Chaku' Teaseed dissolve faster, the water will becomes darker, and there are many delicate white foams comes out.
  3. Then you can ready to use ‘Chaku' Teaseed's water to wash your hair. The time of washing hair is not fixed, but try to let the hair soak in the water as long as you can. Let the hair absorb the nutrient content in the ‘Chaku' Teaseed , so that it will be effective.

Weight per pack: 200g

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight. 

Notes: For external use only / 只供外敷, 不能服用. Do not throw away the Chaku Teaseed residue after washing, it can be used as flower fertilizer.