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Calmex 1.5pcs Abalone (LBA11) Calmex 1.5pcs Abalone (LBA11)
Calmex 1.5pcs Abalone (LBA11)

Calmex 1.5pcs Abalone (LBA11) 车轮牌墨西哥鲍鱼

Calmex Abalones are wild abalones and only the finest will be chosen. It has been regarded as one of the best abalones in the world thanks to its distinctive strong flavour, famous tasty texture, and of course, its crazy, huge size.
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Since Calmex abalone are hand-harvested from the wild instead of being farmed, their quantities are really limited. Rest assured that the Calmex abalone has been cleaned, bled and had its gut trimmed before being cooked and canned. Ready to serve, no need to soak in advance, convenient to consume.

Weight: 1.5pcs / 454g / D.W 255g

Ingredients: wild abalone, water and salt

Country of Origin: Mexico

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opened and consume as soon as possible.