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TianJin Wu Jia Pi Chiew (Eleutherococcus Bark) 五加皮酒

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Eleutherococcus bark, also known as Acanthopanax bark or Wu Jia Pi in Pinyin, is traditionally used as a Chinese herb to expel wind-damp, tonify liver and kidney, and strengthen muscles and bones. In fact, the “Compendium of Materia Medica” has described its medicinal properties in detail. This herb is especially ideal for the rheumatism patient who is with liver and kidney deficiency, according to the theory of Chinese medicine. The most common use of it is preserving it alone in alcohol or combining it with other herbs in decoction. In addition, modern research shows that it can also fight tumors, relieve fatigue, reduce blood viscosity, prevent atherosclerosis, and so on.

五加皮酒,又称五加皮药酒,在中国民间广泛流传配制的传统药酒。一般以白酒或高粱酒为基,加入五加皮、人参、肉桂等中药材浸泡而成,具有行气活血、驱风祛湿、舒筋活络等功效。 五加皮酒在《本草纲目》记载:五加皮“补中益气,坚筋骨,强意志,久服轻身耐老”,民间更盛誉“宁得一把五加,不要金玉满车”。 

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