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Sweet Home Ginger Powder

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Ginger is among the healthiest spices. It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have benefits for your body and brain. Here are some benefits consuming ginger: 1. Maintain Blood Circulation 2. Cold & Flu Prevention 3. Relieve Stomach Discomfort 4. Strengtens Immunity 5. Relieve Morning Sickness 6. Relief Migraine 7. Relief Menstrual Pain 8. Remove Body Winds 9. Eliminates Aging Black Spot

姜粉是以干姜植物为原料,磨成粉后,会散发出一股温暖的胡椒味,还带着淡淡的柠檬香。科学配制而成的香辛料调味品,味道尝起来火辣、浓烈其调香效果显著,风味浓郁,可增进食欲,有益健康,是家庭、餐饮业常备调味佳品。   春季外出旅游,不妨带点姜粉,姜粉可治晕车、晕船和晕飞机。虽然现在常用的治晕车、晕船的药很多,但有不同程度的副作用和不适感,可是服用姜粉(丸)却可弥补这些药品的不足。   用温开水冲姜粉可对胃溃疡、十二指肠溃疡患者的食后疼痛有很好的帮助。

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