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Star Corn Starch (Tepung Jagung) 星牌包粟粉 1kg

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玉米粉在中式烹调上除了勾芡使食物产生滑润的口感之外,亦常用来做为软化肉质的腌肉料之一。玉米淀粉可以作炒菜时的调料,也可以做凉粉,还可以用来摊煎饼,最主要用于肉类原料加工时上浆、勾芡等。 玉米淀粉跟小麦淀粉都同属于淀粉的行列,并且在制作的过程中都需要经过比较复杂的工序制作而成,其中玉米淀粉需要经过蛋白质分离

Corn starch used in cooking to thicken the food. It is also used as one of the cured meats to soften the meat. Corn starch can be used as a condiment for stir-frying, as well as for making jelly. It can also be used for making pancakes, and is mainly used for sizing and thickening meat materials. Both corn starch and wheat starch belong to the same category of starch, and in the process of production, they all need to go through a relatively complex process of production, in which corn starch needs to go through protein separation

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