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South American Dried Abalone 40头装南美洲网鲍鱼干 100g

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South American Dried Abalone 


100gm  Around  10-11pcs 

    • Abalone is a sea mollusk found in cold water off the coasts of Southern New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, and North America and Japan.
    • For the Chinese, it is considered one of the big four delicacies of the sea "鮑、參、翅、肚".
    • Abalone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, thus a must-have at feasts and festivities.
  • What is dried Abalone?

    • Dried abalone is an acquired, expensive taste, like caviar or truffles.
    • Dried abalone is used to impart a distinct flavor to Chinese soups.
    • It has a sweeter taste and firmer texture than canned or frozen.
    • Each abalone has its own unique characteristics, but shares commonalities such as texture and strong flavor, 鮮味 (sin1mei6).
    • The highest quality abalone species are 禾麻鮑, 吉品鮑, and 網鮑.
  • Are there any health benefits?

    • Abalone is a yin food, known for relieving dry coughs and fever.

  • 鮑魚是通常生長在水溫較低的海域。出產地遍布南美洲、北美洲西岸、南非、澳洲和日本北部等地,其中:日本(乾鮑)和墨西哥(罐頭鮑)被公認為最佳產地。
  • 鮑魚在中國傳統的名貴食材中,被公認為鮑、參、翅、肚等山珍海味之首。
  • 鮑魚寓意為富貴有餘之意,故在中國傳統節日中,被視為尚上之佳餚。
  • 鮑魚含有豐富的蛋白質、脂肪、碘、鈣、磷和維他命A等,具有滋陰、平衡血壓、養肝明目和滋補養顏的功效。


  • 乾鮑是用鮮鮑曬乾而成。
  • 乾鮑的種類分為:網鮑、吉品鮑和禾麻鮑等。
  • 有溏心的鮑魚特別香濃烟韌,是鮑魚中的極品,也只見於優質而鮮晒的鮑魚,再經晒焗收藏得法才會出現。

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