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South Africa Big Abalone 南菲大网鲍

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    • Abalone is a sea mollusk found in cold water off the coasts of Southern New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, and North America and Japan.
    • For the Chinese, it is considered one of the big four delicacies of the sea "鮑、參、翅、肚".
    • Abalone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, thus a must-have at feasts and festivities.
  • Procedures: (1) Soak the abalones in water for about 3 days (depending on their size) until they become soft, and change the water at least once every day.

    (2) Thoroughly brush the dust off the abalone body and from the gaps on its edge with a toothbrush, cut off the "stalk" in its mouth, remove its bowels, flush it clean with water, and then set aside for later use.

    (3) Place it into hot water with ginger, spring onion, and wine and boil for about 5 minutes. If not cook immediately, it should be chilled (at -4°C to -18°C) for storage and should be cooked and consumed within 1 week.

  • Supplementary Information:

    • The meat of abalones is tough and has a dense texture. Therefore, the only way to soften it to be perfectly chewable is to cook the abalone meat at the proper cooking temperatures. 
    • The "soft yolk" of abalone refers to its viscosity and coagulation. The better the quality of an abalone, the stronger its flavor, and the chewier its meat. When slicing the abalone, the knife should cut along the abalone's fiber, so that its texture will be even tenderer. The abalone should be eaten from its outer surface toward the center. Doing so will provide long-lasting aftertaste.
  • Are there any health benefits?

    • Abalone is a yin food, known for relieving dry coughs and fever.

  • 鮑魚是通常生長在水溫較低的海域。出產地遍布南美洲、北美洲西岸、南非、澳洲和日本北部等地,其中:日本(乾鮑)和墨西哥(罐頭鮑)被公認為最佳產地。
  • 鮑魚在中國傳統的名貴食材中,被公認為鮑、參、翅、肚等山珍海味之首。
  • 鮑魚寓意為富貴有餘之意,故在中國傳統節日中,被視為尚上之佳餚。
  • 鮑魚含有豐富的蛋白質、脂肪、碘、鈣、磷和維他命A等,具有滋陰、平衡血壓、養肝明目和滋補養顏的功效。


  1. 鲍鱼先用清水泡发约两天(视乎大小而定),直至软身,每天必须更换清水一次或以上;
  2. 使用牙刷彻底擦去鲍身及裙边缝隙的灰粉,剪去鲍鱼嘴间的「蒂」,清除肠脏,以清水冲洗,待用;
  3. 将洗净的鲍鱼放入加有姜、葱及酒的热水内煲煮约5 分钟,如未能即时烹调把鲍鱼须放入雪柜冰格(-18℃或以下)储存,并需于一星期内烹调食用;其它補充:
    • 鲍鱼肉质坚硬,而且纹理紧密,要使其软而易于咀嚼,唯一方法,只有运用「火候」作为处理,方得完美的效果; 
    • 鲍鱼「溏心」是指黏稠度,愈优质的鲍鱼,其香味会愈浓,会愈有咀嚼感;而切片应该「打长切」,顺应鲍鱼纤维,纹理更细嫩,从鲍鱼边皮吃至中心,由外而内令人回味无穷。
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