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Shrimp Roe Powder 虾籽粉 60g

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虾籽含高蛋白和较多的虾青素 -提供必需脂肪酸,促進脂溶性維生素嘅吸收 -港式鲜虾云吞的必要材料 -适用于湯麵、撈麵、炒雞蛋、蒸水蛋、炒菜、煮肉類、煮豆腐 -厨房好帮手,家里必要的调料。

Shrimp Flavour. 

-Suitable for all types of cooking : Stir fry, Stewing, Boiling, Steam boat etc

-No additives (Preservatives, MSG, Coloring) -Ingredients: Shrimp.

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