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Sarawak Kolo Mee 沙捞越哥罗面 400g

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  • 400g per pack
  • Ingredients: Flour, water, salt, egg, alkaline water.
  • No additive & no preservative.

Storage & Expiry:

  • Stored on the shelf in an airtight container in a dry area that is not exposed to extreme temperatures.
哥罗面,也叫Ko Lo Mee,意译干捞面,它源自马来西亚砂拉越州。它选用特级优质面粉作原料,经细致研磨后,色泽柔和,粉质细腻均匀。哥罗面的面条卷曲,增加了其本身的黏弹性,口感好,劲道十足。煮熟的哥罗面呈金黄色,加入各种调味包搅拌均匀后,独具风味。此面在国内外极受欢迎,一个很重要的原因就是它不仅做法简单,而且面里添加过鸡蛋,营养极其丰富,经简单水煮捞出后,即可与各种酱料搭配,让你消除不会做饭的苦恼,而且一吃根本停不下来.
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