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Immune Booster: Cordyceps Scallop Soup Pack 虫草花干贝汤

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Ingredients (Feeds 3-4pax):
- Premium Cordyceps
- Red Dates
- Gojiberry
- Dried Scallops

Cordyceps Flower Soup is one of dietary therapy recipe in China. Chinese medicine believes cordyceps flowers are mild, neither cold nor dry. It is rich in protein, which can enhance our immune function and improve disease resistance. This soup is good for our liver and kidney and has a cough-relieving function. 

PREGNANCY: If you wish to start taking cordyceps regularly during pregnancy, seek a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner’s advice beforehand. You should inform your gynaecologist or physician before consuming.  如果您正在怀孕或正在服药,请在食用前咨询您的医生。

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