Gula Melaka Sirap 马六甲椰糖浆450g Gula Melaka Sirap 马六甲椰糖浆450g
Gula Melaka Sirap 马六甲椰糖浆450g
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Gula Melaka Sirap 马六甲椰糖浆450g

Gula melaka is considered to be a particularly wholesome sugar, retaining more mineral salts than refined sugar due to the absence of bleaching.
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Coconut is known to have many advantages. Coconut water is the main component for the production of coconut sugar. The coconut water is clear and translucent but after a few hours of boiling, it will become dark brown and thick which will then be poured into the bamboo mold to be solidified into "sugar column". This is the coconut sugar which are known as "Gula Melaka". Palm sugar is used throughout South East Asia and the Subcontinent in both sweet and savoury dishes and it must be shaved or chopped before being added as an ingredient.

Weight per pack: 450g

Ingredients: Gula melaka

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight.

Certification: Halal