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Gui Hua (Osmanthus) in Syrup 云峰桂花糖

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Made from fresh osmanthus flowers and white sugar. It's a runny, jelly-like syrup that is sweet and infused with the flavour of the osmanthus flower. Lighter in flavour and has a refreshing flowery aroma.

桂花是一种天然药材。 桂花性温味辛,具有健胃、化痰、生津、散痰、平肝的作用,能治痰多咳嗽、肠风血痢、牙痛口臭、食欲不振、经闭腹痛。 由桂花蒸馏而得的“桂花露”,具有舒肝理气、醒脾开胃的功效,能治口臭、咽干等病,是上等的饮料。 桂枝、桂籽、桂根皆可入药,由桂枝、芍药、生姜、大枣、甘草配制的桂枝汤,专治外感风邪、肾虚等症。

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