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Gu Yue Long Shan 8 years Zhuang Yuan Hong Cooking Chiew 古越龙山状元红绍兴八年陈娘酒

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  • Huang jiu is commonly consumed warm, as the richness from the flavour compounds are released better when warm.
  • Zhuang yuan hong ('scholar red') is a famous type of huang jiu whose name was derived from traditional cultural household rituals. If the family has a son, the wine
     would then be drunk just as he is ready to take the imperial examinations.

  • Aroma: Rich, full bodied, hint of sweetness.

  • Suitable For:
    - Gifting
    - Drinking (warm)
    - Cooking (ideally sea food)

  • Wine Age : 8 years
  • Shelf life: 1825 days (5 years from production date)
  • Origin: China

  • 配料表:鉴湖水、糯米、小麦
  • 保质期:1825 天
  • 品牌: 古越龙山
  • 系列: 状元红8年
  • 省份: 浙江
  • 城市: 绍兴市
  • 产地: 中国大陆地区
  • 包装种类: 箱装
  • 是否为有机食品: 否
  • 年份: 8年(含)-12年(含)

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