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GOGI Thailand Tempura Flour 天妇罗酥炸粉 150gm

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directions : 

1.mix 1sachet of gogi 150g with  210g cc of water  (portion  of  mixing can be determined as need )将1包天妇罗炸粉150g 掺210cc 清水·(分量可随用量而定)

2.pour cold water into gogi flour ,mix well  together 将清水倒入炸粉中,混合搅匀。

3.dip  vegetable  or meat into batter and fry in hot fat or oil until crispy golden  brown 将蔬菜或肉类先浸入混合物中 , 燃后再放入熟油中炸至金黄色即可 。

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