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Ginseng Chinese Herbal Tea (Shi Bao) 人参十宝茶 150g

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净重量:150克(15克 x 10包)



食用限量:玛咖(片)≤  25克/天,人参(人工种植5年内)≤ 3克/天


Net Weight: 150g (15g x 10bag)

Storage Instruction: Sealed and stored at cool, dry and ventilated place.

Ingredients: Red date, Goji berry, Mulberry, Polygonatum sibiricum, Maca (slice), Chinese yam, Puerariae Radix, Raspberry, Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyllae, Ginseng (Artificial Cultivation)

Edible Limit: Maca (slice) ≤  25g/day, Ginseng (Artificial Cultivation in 5 years) ≤ 3g/day

Please Take Note: Not suitable for infant, lactating women, pregnant women, people who are allergic to fungus, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and heart disease.

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