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Gingko Nut 白果 300g

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Gingko nuts are filled with beneficial nutrients that are good for your health. It can be enjoyed as it is or cooked in soups or congee with other herbs for a medical concoction.

白果是江苏省特产,中国国家地理标志产品。产品营养丰富,药食俱佳,经常食用白果,可防治老年痴呆、哮喘痰咳、遗精、带下、尿频等多种疾病。白果虽好,但是湿热体质的人尽量避免食用。 白果因品质优.白果是上等干果,采用炒、蒸、煨、炖、烧、炸等多种烹饪方法可制成白果烧鸡、白果鸡丁、白果蒸鸭、白果炖鸡、白果银耳、蜜制白果番茄、糖醋白果、白果八宝饭、白果腊八粥、椒盐白果等数十种美味佳肴,既饱口福,又能延年益寿。

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