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Fa.e.Fa Macrolepiota Mushroom Fungus In Oil 发一发香菇鸡枞菌风味酱 210g

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This product contains Crustacean & Peanuts.Suitable for vegeterian.

  • 210g per bottle.
  • Ingredients:Vegetable oil, shiitake mushrooms, tempeh, brewed soy sauce, sesame, white sugar, chicken fungus, sesame oil, food additives.
  • Origin: China 

Suitable For:

  • side dishes
  • Mixed with noodles

Storage & Expiry:

  • Store in a cool place such as your pantry or a kitchen cabinet.
  • Expiry: contact us


配料表: 植物油,香菇,豆豉,酿造酱油·,芝麻,白砂糖,鸡枞菌,麻油,食品添加剂。


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