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Dried Razor Clam 蛏干 200g

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Razor-clams are very valued mollusc both for their taste and quality or their nutritional values. Proteins they provide are of high biological value and they stand out for a low lipids content. Razor-clams are an important calcium, iron ore and phosphorus source. They also contain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3.

蛏是小贝壳类的海水产,双壳纲竹蛏科海产贝类。软体动物。介壳两扇,形状狭而长,外面蛋黄色,里面白色,生活在近岸的海水里,也可人工养殖,肉味鲜美。有缢蛏、竹蛏等种类。 蛏肉含丰富蛋白质、钙、镁、铁、硒、维生素A等营养元素,滋味鲜美,营养价值高,具有补虚的功能。 适宜人群 一般人群都可食用 1. 适宜产后虚损、烦热口渴、湿热水肿、痢疾、醉酒等人群; 2. 脾胃虚寒、腹泻者应少食。[

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