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Dried Premium Black Jewfish Fish Maw Dried Premium Black Jewfish Fish Maw
Dried Premium Black Jewfish Fish Maw

Dried Premium Black Jewfish Fish Maw 赤嘴鳘鱼胶

Fish maw is the dried swim bladders of large fishes like sturgeon. It is a good source of collagen, and its spongy texture allows it to absorb the flavours of other ingredients.
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It is usually simmered in broth for several hours or braised whole piece with abalone or oyster sauces over mushroom and vegetables.

Product Storage & Expiry: Store in room temperature, dry environment & avoid direct sunlight.

How to prepare fish maw:

  1. Fish maw must be soaked for hours, usually overnight before it can be prepared.
  2. Change water from time to time to eliminate the fishy smell.
  3. Quick boiled for the fish maw with ginger and shallot, rinse the fish maw with running water, then the fish maw is ready to cook.
  4. Fish maw is a suitable alternative for shark’s fin and bird’s nest in soups or stews.

Why fish maw becomes thin and gel lacked after cooking?

Fish maw contains rich collagen, gel content which can be easily get melted if the cooking time is too long and the heat is too strong.

Notes: Please pay attention to the cooking time and the heat temperatures. Avoid using hot water for soaking or cooking with strong heat in order to shorten the cooking / soaking time. This will lead to loss of fish maw’s collagen nutrient.