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Dragon Fish Bone 龍鱼骨 200g

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  • 激活体内抗体的生产,活化淋巴巨噬细胞,增强机体免疫力,延缓衰老。
  • 减少关节发炎,缓解疼痛,如关节炎、风湿性关节炎、质增生、腰椎间盘突出等。
  • 活化人体结缔组织及细胞,保养和修复软骨组织,预防关节软骨退化。
  • 补充钙质,预防质疏松症,有效改善中老年腰腿痛、关节炎、肩周炎等。
  • 使人皮肤光滑、有弹性和光泽,从而减少皱纹
  • Activate the production of antibodies in the body, activate lymphocytes, enhance immunity and delay senescence.
  • Reduce joint inflammation and relieve pain, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperosteogeny, lumbar disc herniation, etc.
  • Activate human connective tissue and cells, maintain and repair cartilage tissue, prevent degeneration of articular cartilage.
  • Calcium supplement, prevent osteoporosis, effectively improve the middle and old waist leg pain, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder.
  • Makes the skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thus reducing wrinkles
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