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Codonopsis Root (Grade 2) 党参(二级)

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 It is used to invigorate the function of the spleen and stomach and to replenish the vital energy for the treatment of palpitation, shortness or breath, weakness of limbs, poor appetite and loose bowel.Its pharmacological effects include helping to increase red and white blood cell count, anemia, improve blood sugar, stimulate the nervous system and so on.Strengthens spleen and stomach, promotes the secretion of body fluids an nourishes the blood. It is commonly used to replenish vital energy. 


  • 黨參具有補中益氣,健脾胃,潤肺生津的功效。
  • 主治食欲不振,肢體倦怠,瀉下,嘔吐,脾胃虛弱,肺氣不足,煩渴。
  • 其藥理作用包括增加紅血球數,改善貧血,提升血糖,強心等。
  • 還對化療和放射線所引起的白細胞下降有提升作用。
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