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Cinnamon (Kayu Manis) 玉桂皮 シナモン

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Taking cinnamon as a supplement can have effects on health and disease. Supplements, however, are not monitored by the FDA and there might be concerns about quality, purity, and strength in varying brands of any supplements. People use cinnamon as a supplement to treat problems with the digestive system, diabetes, loss of appetite, and other conditions. It has also been used in traditional medicine for bronchitis. There is a lack of evidence supporting these uses, however.

桂皮又称肉桂、官桂或香桂,为樟科植物天竺桂、阴香、细叶香桂、肉桂或川桂等树皮的通称,是最早被人类使用的香料之一。在公元前2800年的史料记载中就曾提到桂皮;在西方的《圣经》和古埃及文献中也曾提及肉桂的名称。秦代以前,桂皮在我国就已作为肉类的调味品与生姜齐名。 桂皮为常用中药,又为食品香料或烹饪调料。商品桂皮的原植物比较复杂,约有十余种,均为樟科樟属植物。各地常用的有8种,其中主要有桂树、钝叶桂、阴香及华南桂等其他种类多为地区用药。各品种在西方古代被用作香料。中餐里用它给炖肉调味,是五香粉的成份之一。桂皮的功效与作用 1、温肾壮阳 用于肾阳不足的畏寒、肢冷、腰膝冷痛,亦可用于肾不纳气的虚喘、气逆; 2、温中祛寒 用于脾胃虚寒的胃脘冷痛,以及腹痛腹泻,常与干姜、附子同用; 3、温经止痛 能温通血脉、散寒止痛,用于寒凝气滞引起的痛经、肢体疼痛。 4、补元阳 还有补元阳,暖脾胃、除积冷、通脉止痛和止泻的功效。

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