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Chinese Oolong Tea Ti Kuan Yin 特选安溪南岩 铁观音 750g (100pkt)

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Contents : 100pkts 

Nett  Weight :  750gm

Ti Kuan Yin is  one  of the  famous traditional specialities od chinese tea grown in the  hilly region of  Anshi .As the region is misty and  temperate the whole year round.the tea  shrubs grown in a shady and  extremely humid enviroment .these favourable natural enviroment account for the stout but tender sprouts.the meticulous care in plucking and the  subsequent careful processing contribute to  the  unique quality of  the  finished tea .

Ti Kuan Yin 

when infused yields a rich mellow liquor with high fragrance and  refreshing full taste.the  tea boast a unique long-lasting aroma and  is  refreshing  . appetitive ,digestive and  health giving .


福建安溪铁观音是乌龙茶中极品,香浓味醇,品格超凡。它的香气,就如空谷幽兰,清新雋永,灵妙鲜爽。 滋味十分浓郁,但浓而不澀。郁而不腻,余味回甘,就如陆游诗句。舌根常留甘尽日 的感受。

泡饮时香气清雅如兰花, 滋味浓厚而微带蜂蜜的甜香, 不论宴会或款待密友,泡一壶铁观音以示珍重和对客人的敬意。

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