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Chinese AnXi Ti Kuan Yin Tea 特选安溪铁观音 750g (100pkt)

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Contents  : 100pkt

Nett weight : 750g


AnxietyTimeKuanYin is a well known oolong  tea species  from ANXI,the  famous tea producing  district in the fujian province  of china  . the  weighty leaves of the  tea are  in curled and  tight twisted shapes  . the  liquor is light golden yellow  ans  possess the characteristic  of strong aroma and  fragrant flavour with a long  lingering  after -taste ,

Anxi Ti Kuan Yin is  not  only  a  valuable natural beverage .but  a special  healthful drink. frequent drinking  help degestion ,dispel the  effects of  alcohol and  regain consciousness .it also  has  a remarkable  effect  in quenching thirst and  relieving  fatique .

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