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Black Hair Moss 正发菜

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1packet  = 10gm

    • Faat Choy is a terrestrial algae and cyanobacteria. Its Chinese name derives from its black color and slender silkiness and its resemblance to hair. Since Faat Choy sounds phonetically the same as 發財 (Fā cái) meaning Get Rich, it have become a center dish during Chinese New Year.
    • In addition, Faat Choy is not a vegetable but a fungus.
    • Faat Choy itself does not have any taste but is very fragrant, it can absorb other dishes.
    • Faat Choy should be black, long, and free of impurities. Quality faat choy should have elasticity and fragrant.
    • Beware of imitation faat choy that have similar appearance but are made from corn silk.

  • 髪菜是一種陸生藻類、藍藻門念珠藻科植物的乾製品,因其色澤烏黑,細長如絲,倦曲蓬鬆,形狀很像散亂的頭髮,因而得名。又因髮菜諧音「發財」,放在重意頭的新春吉祥菜中,成為不可或缺的材料。
  • 髪菜多生長於沙漠和貧瘠土壤中,由於髮菜有保持水土之功,從環保角度考慮,目前內地已禁止開採。
  • 另外,髪菜并不是菜,而是菌。
  • 新鮮的髮菜呈墨綠色,揀去泥沙雜䓍,放在陽光下曬乾後烏黑蜷曲,即為髮菜成品。
  • 髮菜本身並無鮮味,但其味清香,又能吸附其他菜餚的鮮味,很適合配以其他肉類同煮或製湯。
  • 髮菜含鈣質高,在其他食物中是罕見的。
  • 髮菜更有通便利尿,解毒滋補,順暢理肺清熱等功效,常食髮菜對高血壓等病有一定療效。

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