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  • The Bak Zhang Master
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Bak Zhang Master (101 Dumpling Set) 一代粽师

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We all love our Bak Zhang(s) however, a lot of us have lost the skill & knowledge to wrap as our parents and grandparents age. 

At Chai Huat Hin, we are constantly working to preserve traditions by simplifying complicated recipes to suit the current lifestyle. This way we can continue to enjoy traditional recipes and allow our deeply rooted culture be passed onto our future generation. Hence, we've created The Bak Zhang Master Mould; 

In this set, we have collaborated with local artisans who handmade wooden moulds that would help with the wrapping process. 

  • Hand-crafted by skillful local artisans using solid high-quality wood
  • Treated & coated with food-grade natural oil
  • Smooth finishing, safe & food-grade quality for wrapping dumplings
  • Each piece features unique  natural colour & formation which will differ from other pieces & sample images.
  • Maintenance: Always hand wash, wipe dry, & store in an airy place. Periodically rub any cooking oil on the surface to protect the pores & maintain the wood's natural colour. 

What is included in this set: 

The ingredients listed in this set is to make approximately 6 large sized glutinous rice dumplings.

  • Bak Zhang Master Mould 粽子木模
  • Bamboo Leaves 粽叶
  • Thailand Glutinous rice 泰国糯米
  • Shiitake Mushroom 蘑菇
  • Dried Chestnuts  栗子干
  • Black Eyed Bean  眉豆
  • Dried Shrimp 虾米
  • White Pepper 胡椒粉
  • Five Spice Powder 五香粉
  • 6 x Salted Eggs 咸蛋
  • 10 pcs Taiwan Bamboo String 绳子

  • Full recipe and instructions (QR code on the box) 完整食谱和说明

Full Recipe on "How to wrap Traditional Glutinous Rice Dumplings" please click here

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