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Astragalus (Huang Qi ) Slices 黄芪片

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黄芪有补气固表、止汗脱毒、生肌、利尿、退肿之功效,很多人喜欢在日常生活中要黄芪泡水服用,但是黄芪并不是所有人都适用的,下面就跟小编一起看看黄芪有哪些食用禁忌吧。 阴虚的表现有手足心热、口咽干燥、腰酸腰痛、潮热盗汗、失眠多梦、舌质红无苔、脉细数等。 因为黄芪性味甘、微温,阴虚患者服用会助热,易伤阴动血。

Astragalus can help detoxification, diuretic, the effect of swelling, a lot of people like in daily life to take astragalus bubble water, but astragalus is not applicable to everyone, the following with small make up to see what astragalus food taboos. Yin deficiency of the performance of hand, foot and heart heat, dry mouth and pharynx, waist acid waist pain, hot flush-night sweat, insomnia, no more dreams, tongue red moss, pulse number. Because astragalus sex flavour is sweet, lukewarm, Yin deficient patient takes can help heat, easy wound Yin moves blood.

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