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Apricot S2 杏浦干 400g

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Apricot health benefits includes relieving constipation, strengthening the bones, boosting metabolism, treating ear pain, treating skin conditions, treating anemia, combating asthma, promoting eye health, treating fever, improving the quality of blood, help prevent cancer, and improving heart health.

杏干,味甜、质软,杏仁香脆可口,性热,具有活血补气,增加热量的作用,富含蛋白质、钙、磷、铁、维生素C、维生素E等成分。 和田杏干采用新疆和田特有气候天然晾制而成,口味独特、老少皆宜、口感舒适,只要您吃过天然正宗的特产,就会得到您的好评,是居家零食、招待客人、旅游,馈赠亲朋好友之理想佳品。

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