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Flour: Blended Rice Flour / Tepung Beras 单象牌粘米粉 500g

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粘米粉可用來制作萝卜糕等食品。 粘米粉是比较细滑、柔弱的,摩擦不会感到有颗粒状。有時候為了平均糕點的軟靭程度,糯米粉和粘米粉會按比例一同使用,令糕點有口感之餘,又能夠有固定形狀。

Blended rice flour can be used to make radish cake and other foods. Blended rice flour is relatively smooth, soft, friction will not feel granular. Sometimes the glutinous rice powder and sticky rice flour are used in proportion to the average elasticity of the cake to provide both a texture and a fixed shape.

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